1. 4日未明 サブアカウントのDMにて「」のDMを発見。確認のため入り指示されたURLを押してしまう。
  2. 4日7時00分頃 サブアカウントのDMを確認したところ、フォロワー宛に大量発信していることが発覚。確認に入る。
  3. 4日7時03分頃 他サイトにおいて「」のURLを送るスパムと確認。第一報としてメイン・サブそれぞれに注意喚起ツイートを発信。
  4. 4日7時30分過ぎ スパムと思われるアプリとの連携解除。
  5. 4日12時40分頃 サブアカウントのDMにて送信されてしまった方の謝罪対応
  6. 4日15時00分頃 スパムDMが送られていないことを確認。最終報のツイート発信。




2023/01/04 管理人:七語零黎



Thank you for visiting “Ao-Sora-Niji".

My Twitter another account has been found to have sent out a large number of URLs of “" between early morning and mid-morning of the 4th.
I would like to explain the circumstances of this incident as follows.

  1. Early on the January 4th, a DM of “" was found in a DM of a another account. I enter to confirm and press the URL that is directed to me.
  2. Around 7:00 a.m. on the January 4th, when I check the DM of the another account, I discover that a large number of messages have been sent to followers. The company confirms this.
  3. Around 7:03 on the January 4th, it is confirmed as spam sending URL of “" on other sites. As a first report, alert tweets were sent to the main and sub sites respectively.
  4. After 7:30 a.m. on the January 4th, the link to the application suspected to be spamming was disconnected.
  5. Around 12:40 pm on the January 4th, responded with an apology to the person who had been sent the message via DM on the another account.
  6. Around 3:00 p.m. on the January 4th, confirmed that no spam DMs were sent. Sent out a tweet with the final report.

The cause of the problem is that “I pressed the URL that was directed to me." We have not been able to confirm any damage such as personal information being extracted at this time.
Due to this incident, we have decided to take a measure of self-restraint on some of our another accounts.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the followers of the another accounts.


Author:Nanago-reirei 01/04/2023

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