Our view on actions such as Ukrainian humanitarian aid donations


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Since the beginning of this month, the problems between Russia and Ukraine have become even higher, and I think you may be worried about it.
Along with this, there have been a series of acts requesting donations such as humanitarian assistance and defense assistance from the Ukrainian embassy and support groups.

However, given the complications of the problems of Russia and Ukraine, the turmoil of actions that can be taken as propaganda for each other, and the internal situation in Ukraine, I thought that it should not be done now.

Based on this, the opinion of this site is as follows.


  1. This case is to be settled between Russia and Ukraine, and Japan and other countries should not participate.
  2. Even in Ukraine, the actions of neo-Nazis who call themselves “AZOV battalions" are emerging, and there is a possibility that donations will be abused.
  3. There are many criticisms of Russia from the media and Western countries (US, UK, Germany, etc.) that do not capture things from multiple sides, and on the contrary, it may promote the division between Russia and Ukraine.


Therefore, on this site, we judge that it is appropriate to “support at your own risk".
Please do not take the information and carefully examine it before responding to it.
Even if we provide support, we are not responsible for it.


Site Manager : Nanago-Reirei 03/05/2022


Notice:This page has not been set up to encourage the support of Ukraine.

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